Thursday, July 26, 2007

Looking for the two bobs

boss bob

bob 2

The location

Ron T Beck is looking for the two Bob's, he has it from a reliable source that they are operating from this location (see pic) if anyone on the ground has any information please put it in the diplomatic bag as soon as.

time spent with tomiko

A while ago I spent some time in Tokyo with my friend Tomiko, who wrote on these images for me, so poetic

Busy at the bank

Hoodies, they are so warm in the cold weather, and at the bank.

Package Proper

Ron received a package the other day via Fed Ex. He doesn't know who it was from, but it had the letters U G on it which is suspicious. The box contained a black hound from hell in it, as seen in the photo. Now Ron has two dogs - please help with naming the beast.

In the end we called it Zoltan - so friendly, good with children