Sunday, August 19, 2007

Switzerland, working holiday

Rons Recent trip to switzerland, it was mostly neutral, with some high's and lows.

We stayed in Das Großartige Hotel on the Straße äußern Sie Unsinn, that was the usual two star affair with a metal band staying in the room above us, so we didn't get a wink of sleep.

I went upstairs to complain after the second tv set was thrown out the window at about 3H30 am, and was given this photo of Gert Handschrift the lead guitarist from the band Die Zombieesser, as an apology and the they invited me in, the next thing I remember it was 3 o'clock the next afternoon. I just had enough time order my regular hangover cure, the raw egg with equal parts Tabasco and Worcester sauce in a martini that my grandmother used take after she had been out dancing all night with the Russians.

Luckily I made it in time to meet with my swiss agent on the banks of Lake Geneva, from there we made it by yatch and on foot to our offices high up in the Swiss Alps

This is a pic of our HQ high up in the swiss alps.

While we were working on our plans that you can see here, our colleague Rodney was conducting reconnaissance missions to find a suitable site for our seismic experiments.

Rodney, incognito.

This is X a person who from time to time supplies us with some useful logistical equipment, he likes to meet us at night because he has a peculiar skin condition and can't ever go out in day light, otherwise he is quite charming.

Here is a picture of the results of our Swiss Seismic experiment, initially it appeared quite successful compared with our recent swiss ventures but, we are awaiting the results from our labs to confirm this, we hope to have them by early 2008.

This was a picture of some unfortunate side effects of these recent experiments, no body count this time so it seems like our methods are improving.

After all this hard work I took a break and had a look at some of the overwhelmingly beautiful swiss scenery and contemplate some of the more challenging mountains for some later projects

A few calm days drifting around Lake Geneva

The Eiger's Mount

The Matterhorn

Consulting, various locations, abroad

I have just returned from a series of consulting field-trips for the Munschk Centre Du Recherche Comprimée Avançée De Carbone. Exploring a range of geothermal and polaric options in both hot and cold places. I was commissioned to do this research and to run my usual kinds of operations that I am no longer authorised to discuss. By Bernard Trier who is the chairperson of Munschk Centre Du Recherche Comprimée Avançée De Carbone and also affiliated to a non-specific global intelligence agency. The results were almost instantaneous and mostly positive although there was some flooding and eruptions as you can see.

Logistically in the field we usually have a Huey and a team of four, including an agency marksman for a number of reasons.
For some of the time we stayed at this very atmospheric hotel in Martinique

Myself towards the end of the stay at Ice Station Zebra

Some unfortunate flooding in our 'weather reorientation programme'

Some target zones

Some target zones - including mule

Our starting point on the banks of the Orizonicio River

The head quarters of the Munschk Centre Du Recherche Comprimée Avançée De Carbone

Bernard Trier who is the chairperson of Munschk Centre Du Recherche Comprimée Avançée De Carbone

Some unfortunate geothermal eruptions

Dark Time

Ron had a lot of help through his dark time. But the person who stands out the most is my dear friend father Jim, pictured here. Also my brief trip to Japan over the weekend was just the kind of tonic an obliterated individual needs.

The Kind and Helpful Father Jim

In Tokyo with Tomiko

Noodles with Keiko

Keiko at Tomisha Fun Park

Road Works on the way to Osaka

Hotel Room Osaka

Tomiko in Osaka Hotel

Tomiko climbs tree - Osaka

Brown beach with Tomiko

All in all it was a good break after the identity theft issue.

Jack at the Beeb

Following my legal troubles in the UK I felt it necessary to visit my man Jack at the Beeb, for some spin control, he was quite busy making a documentary about the Queen, but we were able to cobble a swift denial together.

My Man Wilson

Wilson QC

Wilson is my QC he's a good man and as you can see by the pic he is always right. He has helped me out of a number of scrapes.

The Man Man

The Man Man

This is the document drop off guy at the back of the parking lot, we call him The Man Man, he doesn't talk much.

Road Trip to meet the Halfman

on the road train

on the road train

on the road train

on the road train

still on the road train

on the road train

on the road train

on the road train

the half man

47 Hrs with only Pepsi and dry meat. But I found and photographed the masked half a man (see pic above)



Nigel is new to our group, but not to this website. He has no access to it at all. I thought I would post Nigel's early efforts at identity integration, mostly for the sake of amusement.