Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ron is on the move again

After this late night meeting it seems that Ron is on the move again

Ron makes the call.

Ron meets at the drop off point where briefcases are swapped.

Ron blends in on the subway.

Ron checks in.

Ron catches up with some paperwork on the plane

The view from Ron's seat

And then Ron ate dinner and he felt unwell

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Trouble in Uzbekistan

I recently spent my birthday in Uzbekistan, following this pleasant break I had some business to conclude before heading off to India and Pakistan.

I always travel Uzbekistan Air when I am in the region, you can smoke even before the plane takes off. In fact the air-hostess will offer to light your cigarette for you. They have a self service buffet upfront and a bar at the back, with a dartboard and everything. Good old fashioned service.

Perhaps we should have our contacts the agreed price in the first place instead of trying to haggle

It's never any fun being peppered with AK 47 fire from four sides.

A couple of bullets in the engine block and the bonnet and lights and the trade-in value of this vehicle is drastically reduced.

We ordered this massive custom job from a supplier after our previous Gelandewagen was all shot up. Safe as houses, corners like a pig.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Istanbul Project

Our light aircraft is essential for moving equipment and people around.

our boat for bringing in larger pieces of equipment that won't fit on the plane

our skipper Nikolai Zboromirsky

our HQ in the Istanbul Regent Star Hotel, one my favourites great coffee as always

A quiet meeting place, perfect for swapping out some seismic equipment and various hard to get chemical compounds

Father Jim is always helpful when we need to move a large amount of delicate equipment around the world at short notice, bless his heart.

A trial blast in the mountains is always advised before setting up a complicated urban blast.

New team of blast watchers (the Enflez Cousins)

Setting up the urban blasting project

Successful urban blasting test

quietly blending in at Istanbul bus station after urban blast test

our dedicated technical crew on their way to see Gert Handschrift and Die Zombieesser as a reward for their hard work and discretion.

Die Zombieesser were in town we never miss one of their gigs if we can help it.

Monday, November 12, 2007

New device

A hard and software engineer from Croatia has developed this very useful device which has greatly accelerated our information retrieval process, we have now given up all the time intensive techniques such as 'long time standing' and 'water boarding' recently pioneered by some of our colleagues.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Missing Consultants

Robert (Bob) Fullham
Ido A. Detras

Urgent unfinished business, Ido A. Detrás was working on an unnamed project of ours at the time he vanished. We suspect that he has been moved to an unspecific location, or worse. We know that he was being watched by an EU intelligence agency at the time but we assumed this was just a courtesy. Robert (Bob) Fullham was his direct contact person at the time Ido was taken and now he too has vanished. If you can help please contact the Programme D'Essai Nucléaire Civil directly or contact us on oneck@gmail.com

Friday, November 2, 2007

information retrieval

A new client needs a range of discreet locations for an international security project they are engaged in. The project requires specific information from a number of individuals from different contexts that must be aquirred in a confidential manner. We have secured a range of locations that we believe would best facilitate this process.

a quiet building on the outskirts of town

a bare passage

an unused warehouse

a small yet useful room

a sound proof apartment

a comfortable resting place

a not so comfortable resting place

a discreet club in the city

a disused parking lot

a quiet building site

a place where off loading can happen quietly

Sergey is our general nominee agent but he has has no direct knowledge of the details of this project, just a list of needs. Further more it would be unfair asking the nominee about a program on which he's not been briefed, and beyond the clients wishes. Which are that no direct information is to be given to agents on the ground.