Friday, November 2, 2007

information retrieval

A new client needs a range of discreet locations for an international security project they are engaged in. The project requires specific information from a number of individuals from different contexts that must be aquirred in a confidential manner. We have secured a range of locations that we believe would best facilitate this process.

a quiet building on the outskirts of town

a bare passage

an unused warehouse

a small yet useful room

a sound proof apartment

a comfortable resting place

a not so comfortable resting place

a discreet club in the city

a disused parking lot

a quiet building site

a place where off loading can happen quietly

Sergey is our general nominee agent but he has has no direct knowledge of the details of this project, just a list of needs. Further more it would be unfair asking the nominee about a program on which he's not been briefed, and beyond the clients wishes. Which are that no direct information is to be given to agents on the ground.

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