Friday, December 7, 2007

Istanbul Project

Our light aircraft is essential for moving equipment and people around.

our boat for bringing in larger pieces of equipment that won't fit on the plane

our skipper Nikolai Zboromirsky

our HQ in the Istanbul Regent Star Hotel, one my favourites great coffee as always

A quiet meeting place, perfect for swapping out some seismic equipment and various hard to get chemical compounds

Father Jim is always helpful when we need to move a large amount of delicate equipment around the world at short notice, bless his heart.

A trial blast in the mountains is always advised before setting up a complicated urban blast.

New team of blast watchers (the Enflez Cousins)

Setting up the urban blasting project

Successful urban blasting test

quietly blending in at Istanbul bus station after urban blast test

our dedicated technical crew on their way to see Gert Handschrift and Die Zombieesser as a reward for their hard work and discretion.

Die Zombieesser were in town we never miss one of their gigs if we can help it.

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