Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Trouble in Uzbekistan

I recently spent my birthday in Uzbekistan, following this pleasant break I had some business to conclude before heading off to India and Pakistan.

I always travel Uzbekistan Air when I am in the region, you can smoke even before the plane takes off. In fact the air-hostess will offer to light your cigarette for you. They have a self service buffet upfront and a bar at the back, with a dartboard and everything. Good old fashioned service.

Perhaps we should have our contacts the agreed price in the first place instead of trying to haggle

It's never any fun being peppered with AK 47 fire from four sides.

A couple of bullets in the engine block and the bonnet and lights and the trade-in value of this vehicle is drastically reduced.

We ordered this massive custom job from a supplier after our previous Gelandewagen was all shot up. Safe as houses, corners like a pig.

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